Meet us at the NRF Retail Big Show conference

There is a large exposition hall on two levels showing off technologies and solutions for retail, which is open on Monday and Tuesday of that week. We're excited to attend the Expo to meet with customers and partners, who are the focal point of our product roadmap and strategy. Every time a customer suggests a great new feature and we implement it, the feedback cycle continues to improve the product for everyone. Our partners see the big picture of common problems across projects, and their improvements help streamline our implementation services. And there are still a few people who haven't heard about how SymmetricDS can reliably move data between stores and central office in near real time.

We hope to see you at Retail's BIG Show. If you have time to meet with us, we'd like to talk to you! We're looking for feedback and ideas on what we can do to be a better company with better solutions. We'd like to hear about your success stories and where the software industry could do a better job helping retail. We'd like to share our success stories too and see if we can learn from each other. Here's your invitation to meet us at NRF, so send an email to and let us know you'll be there.

Eric Long
Author: Eric Long

Eric is a software developer and technology enthusiast with a background in developing custom applications for Information Technology. As a long-time Linux user, he strongly believes in open source. He focuses on product solutions and spreading the word for JumpMind.