1. Your IT stud got hit by a bus and now you are up a creek without a paddle (buh dum tish)
  2. You just want to support the open source community (polite applause)
  3. Your feature requests and bug fixes get prioritized!!! (cheers)
  4. You just want to add "data ninja" to your list of accomplishments and you know JumpMind can help you get there
  5. You get direct access to the brains behind the product (laughter, light applause)
  6. You have too many databases to deal with. You just want some peace and quiet
  7. You want your developers to focus on your business problems, not data synchronization (cheers)
  8. Your boss will give you a big raise for consolidating his data
  9. You will save time and money with fast configurations times (cha-ching)
  10. JumpMind will help you look like a rock star! (wild cheers and applause)

In all seriousness, JumpMind takes pride in its reputation for being helpful and easy to work with. We bend over backwards for our customers. We will solve your toughest problems by putting our best brains on the job and will see your issues through to the best resolution.

Whether its tracking down that one scenario that shows up "only in your" deployment and "only at a certain time of day", or it's integrating data from several enterprise relational databases to the latest and greatest NewSQL, NoSql or Big Data storage platforms, we will do our job at a level of quality that you will be ecstatic with!

Chris Henson
Author: Chris Henson

Chris, the original founder of JumpMind, has been a software developer since the mid 1990's and has developed and architected systems for the defense, aviation, and retail industries. He is a productive consumer, active participant, and dedicated producer of open source solutions. Chris has also led SymmetricDS and POS implementations at both the national and international level.