Our big questions were:

  • Do people know who we are?
  • Do people know what we do, and what we aspire to?
  • Do people understand the problem domain in which we specialize?
  • Do people know the tools and services we can offer?
  • Do people know how we work with clients and resellers?
  • Do people know how we can help support their solutions?

Our conclusion was “probably not.” To address this, we've recently hired new staff in sales, marketing and channels to help us out and have started a few initiatives, with the Roadshow being one of them. Here is a preview of what we cover as part of the Roadshow:

  • Company background
  • Company mission and focus
  • Our products (with a heavy focus on SymmetricDS Pro)
  • Solution examples
  • Vertical markets and customers
  • Offerings centered around our products
  • How we work with our customers and partners
  • Benefits our customers and partners have realized
  • Detailed SymmetricDS Pro Demonstration

The Roadshow runs about three hours in length, and while we were a bit worried about keeping people's attention for that long, those concerns have been unfounded thus far. So far, we've had great feedback on the show and the products. Lots of comments such as: "Wow, I didn't know you could do that", and "I wish I would have known about this before." We've also had great feedback on future opportunities and product road map and direction.

We still have quite a few cities on our list to visit, so if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us and request a stop. We'll attempt to line it up with other visits in your area. You can reach us by the "Contact Us" link on our website, or by emailing sales@jumpmind.com.

See you on the road!

Greg Wilmer
Author: Greg Wilmer

Greg has over 25 years experience in Information Technology spanning roles from developer to architect to VP and CIO.  He has designed and implemented products and systems for small shops, to Fortune 500 companies across many vertical markets including Retail, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Aerospace and many more.  His software experience spans signal processor work for AWACS planes to large scale integration projects for global enterprises.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from the Ohio State University and a Masters Degree in Engineering from MIT focusing on product design and development.