We enjoyed talking with all of the different retailers at the JumpMind booth throughout the course of the convention. It was encouraging to hear all of the positive feedback around our new Metl product. Current IT professionals were excited to hear about a data integration tool that could be simply configured instead of having to write custom code. The ease of being able to download the product, run it, and create integrations in minutes, not hours, days or weeks was a big hit. The people we talked to were very interested in being able to integrate using web services, database calls, flat files, jms queues and more.

SymmetricDS is always a big hit at this show. This software was created for the retail vertical market and JumpMind always receives good feedback concerning the product at NRF. SymmetricDS provided many of the retailers that we spoke to with a resilient and consistent mechanism for moving business critical data both to and from their stores.

Many of our large retail clients came and spoke with us at the booth. It is always nice to talk with current customers and get their input concerning the functionality of the product. No matter how good your solution is, there is always room for improvement. We were happy to share with these clients the improvements we made to the product in 2105 based on our conversations we had with them at NRF in earlier in the year. These improvements included, but were not limited to:

  • An overhaul of the SymmetricDS Pro user interface focused on enhanced usability
  • A move to Github and Gradle for source control and continuous builds
  • A new database dialect to support DB2 on AS/400
  • Significant improvements to the SymmetricDS transformation engine
  • New capabilities for offline extract and load
  • A powerful, yet extremely lightweight SymmetricDS native C agent for mobile devices including Android and iOS.

The JumpMind team was lucky enough to leave the Big Apple and get back to Columbus Ohio before the big storm hit. We were thankful to see our families when we returned and grateful for the time we were able to spend with new potential new clients, current clients, and valued partners.

Brad Wilmer
Author: Brad Wilmer

Brad is Director of Sales and is responsible for strategic direct sales efforts and partner initiatives worldwide.