Mark Hanes

Mark has software development experience in a variety of fields, including retail, telecommunications, and research institutions. A graduate of The Ohio State University with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mark now focuses on software development and development management for JumpMind. Prior to joining JumpMind, Mark performed software architecture and development work for many years for a variety of companies both large and small. He has also taught Computer Science and Electrical Engineering courses both full- and part-time at the Bachelor's level for a number of years.

We were talking about Pi Day here at the JumpMind office which led us to reflect a bit on our roots. From the beginning, the SymmetricDS default port number has been 31415. Reflecting on that, we realized that most people might not know the history of JumpMind and SymmetricDS.

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We are about a week out at this point from the Percona Live MySQL conference, held in Santa Clara, California, and JumpMind is getting excited about it. As one of JumpMind's founders, I will be presenting a session on SymmetricDS at the conference, and JumpMind will also be revealing its newly-designed exhibit booth at the conference as well. We are putting the finishing touches on our presentation currently, in fact. The presentation will include a good summary of all the features and ways to use SymmetricDS and will also reveal a few new features and dialects that many people do not yet know about! Watch for tweets throughout the week of April 22nd as we reveal upcoming features, both big and small, in SymmetricDS.

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From time to time we are approached with the question of how to do initial loads of data in two directions with SymmetricDS, not just one direction. This feature is available in SymmetricDS and isn't hard to configure. An understanding of how initial loads work in general, combined with a few settings, is all that is needed. This article will walk you through a tutorial on initial loads in general and will then discuss the configuration needed to do a 'reverse' initial load.

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SymmetricDS has for years been a robust, reliable solution for synchronizing data between multiple databases and multiple database platforms. With SymmetricDS 2.4, SymmetricDS has expanded to also prove data transformation capabilities while synchronizing. The data transformation is performed via configuration settings in new SymmetricDS configuration tables, in a manner consistent with and familiar to existing SymmetricDS users.

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