Adam Bailey

Adam is a Computer Information Science student at The Ohio State University. Outside of his programming interests, he serves as the Principal Euphonium player in numerous ensembles.

The Sql Explorer has gone under some major reconstruction in 3.6 and subsequent updates. Among these changes include new features, as well as some UI improvements and updates.

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This is the second part of a series on synchronizing Android SQLite databases using SymmetricDS. The last article talked about how to embed the SymmetricDS Android client into an Android application. This article will provide an overview of the central server and how it can be configured to synchronize the sample Notepad database.

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SymmetricDS is flexible enough to be used in a variety of situations, one of which being retail. UniCenta is an open-sourced POS system that is used all across the globe. Synchronization of uniCenta oPOS and SymmetricDS is not only fully supported, but it is also quite simple.

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