JumpMind will be promoting SymmetricDS at the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference in San Francisco from Sep 23rd through 26th. Come visit us at booth #3418 in the exhibition hall! We're looking forward to learning, networking, and engaging with everyone. Here are some reasons we're attending -- and we think you should too.

Why We're Attending

With so many Oracle database and product experts in one place, there is plenty to learn by attending sessions, talking with attendees, and interacting with Oracle partners. Sharing ideas can be an energizing experience that provides motivation for your own goals. You'll learn what new innovations are happening and find advanced product information that can help you perform your job better. Knowledge can give you a competitive edge that advances your career and your company. Learning and progression are thought to be components in a framework for happiness, so it makes you feel good after you've learned something too.
Connect with experts in the industry, learn from them, and give them your feedback. You'll gain access to meeting some very talented people. Even if you are already considered an expert, there is always someone smarter to meet and something interesting to learn from everyone. Get experienced opinions on how to solve a problem, approach a project, or hear where solutions are headed from someone on the ground. You never know when a new connection could lead to an opportunity down the line. It could turn into a new project, a new customer, or even a new job. Like they say, it's not what you know, but who you know.
Join the dialog and engage in active two-way communication. Share your ideas, and you could find they evolve and improve through feedback and discussion. This is your chance to speak your mind and let people know about the problems your organization faces and how you think they could be solved. Give the product manager or software vendor your thoughts on what they could do better and what new features you need. Your opinions could change the direction of software and solutions for the benefit of all users. You'll find you have more fun when you participate too.

What Else Is Driving Us


We're proud of and excited about the capabilities of SymmetricDS, and we want to let others know! With SymmetricDS you have ONE mechanism for synchronizing databases and files between your systems. Manage it all from a central location, with one integration platform to understand and monitor. SymmetricDS is a proven solution that is implemented in companies that are synchronizing as many as 50,000 nodes, with low-bandwidth connections, in situations where other synchronization solutions have failed. Rock solid in production, organizations depend on it so they can focus on building applications.

An Invitation For You

Oracle OpenWorld

Don't have a ticket to OpenWorld yet? Since you are a supporter of SymmetricDS, we have a few complimentary passes available that you are welcome to claim. Use priority code DC_jumuhnpu10626_521 and register at the address below for FREE admission to the Exhibition Hall and Keynotes!



Eric Long
Author: Eric Long

Eric is a software developer and technology enthusiast with a background in developing custom applications for Information Technology. As a long-time Linux user, he strongly believes in open source. He focuses on product solutions and spreading the word for JumpMind.